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Laboratory Analysis

Organisations and individuals need to adequately protect themselves from asbestos containing materials. Having building materials, soil and air samples credibly analysed for asbestos by a NATA accredited laboratory, protects individuals from exposure and businesses from unnecessary liability.

Asbestos & Hazardous Materials

Property and business owners today need professional support when working in and around asbestos. Implementing the correct processes to ensure the safety of workers and the protection of the community from risks associated with asbestos is vital in avoiding damaging repercussions.

Contaminated Land Investigation

Organisations and individuals need safeguarding against the damaging effects of contaminated soil and water. Confidently complying with licence conditions or Environmental Regulation reduces costs, overcomes business delays and avoids unforseen risks.


A leading environmental consulting group offering a diverse range of hazardous material, environmental, occupational and laboratory services.

Our portfolio of businesses is focused on providing cost effective, innovative, real world solutions. Our goal is to raise the bar and set the standard for future consulting and laboratory service providers.

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From asbestos and laboratory testing to contaminated land investigations, Octief has services to assist your business.

Whether you are a domestic home owner, a small business, or a multinational resource giant… OCTIEF will not judge you. Our professional staff will offer you a level of service that is second to none.

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Our list of projects demonstrates our team’s ability to provide our clients with high end level service for projects of any scale.

Since our beginning, OCTIEF has built our reputation on delivering excellent project outcomes at extremely cost effective rates. We offer clients the benefit of obtaining a local service from a National organization.

Octief Projects


OCTIEF’s wide range of services enables us to facilitate projects across all major industry sectors. Talk to us about your sector.

OCTIEF currently provides a broad range of services to industry sectors including: education, commercial and residential real estate, retail, energy, resources, water, construction, healthcare and Government.

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Article by Steven Wardill, The Courier-Mail Negligent parents will be forced to undertake mandatory drug testing by the Department of Child Safety in order to keep their children. The new testing regimen will be introduced by the State Government as it battles the ice epidemic...

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