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OCTIEF recognises that sustainability is about ensuring social, economic and environmental equity amongst present populations whilst ensuring a sustainable and workable future. Central to the sustainability challenge is the need to mitigate and adapt to potential climate change impacts. OCTIEF’s sustainability team understands the challenges that organizations face in today’s competitive environment. As a result, our team of specialised consultants have developed a practical and flexible program to help you build sustainability into your culture and realise meaningful environmental and financial benefits for your organisation. We can help you create an integrated assessment, planning, education and monitoring program that is tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.

The approach we have adopted to sustainability is as follows:
First, we can footprint your organization and help you understand, measure and baseline your impacts and identify your opportunities. This footprint can include direct and indirect emissions, energy, water, waste, and indoor environmental quality
Second, we can help you integrate your business drivers and company culture into your program. This helps you focus on goals that will reduce costs, increase revenues, reduce risk and improve your organisational health. We want to help you develop a program that not only reduces your environmental impacts, but also increases profits. Our services include the following:
  • Process Engineering and System Reconfiguration
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment & Management
  • Water Efficiency Assessment & Management
  • Waste Assessment, Management & Planning
  • Indoor Environmental Assessment
  • Built Environment Assessment & Ratings
  • Carbon Footprint Assessment
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project Design Documents & Methodology